Saturday, 8 February 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Challenge one!!

I decided to take part in the Supreme Scrap Tournament that was organized by some very gutsy ladies over here!!!!
The first challenge they set for us was: to make a double page LO, featuring at least 3 photographs, NO MISTS what so ever, and show them where we live, withing 1000 steps that is!!

This is my take on the first challenge.

"Kipseli by night", is what I chose as the title.

I live in the most populated area of Athens Greece, and I think it is much prettier at night, so, my photographs, document a walk down to a pedestrian street lined with cafeterias and restaurants. I used Echo Park "Here and now" collection. I stenciled with gesso over two areas of my LO to add some texture, and then only some stamping and empellishments were used.

some detailed shots

Hope you like it, and thank you for stopping by !!!

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  1. Νεκταρία είναι υπερφανταστικό!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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