Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bubble fun!!! SST round 4!!!

Hello there!!!

Back again this week, with my LO for round 4 of the Supreme Scrap Tournament!
My entry was in literally at the last minute, and I have to admit, I am not at all happy with the photos since I took them at night, but ran out of time. Life caught up with me this week.

Enough with the boring details, and on with the challenge.
It was, once again, quite challenging, as we were not allowed any ink or stamps or paints or anything of that nature. Back to basics in a way with "hide & seek" elements.

These were the rules for the challenge:

dubble page layout 
Size layout:
2 pages of 30,4 x 30,4 cm (12 x 12 inch) 
- eight or more 
- no duplicate photo's 
You must make:-  Make hidden elements on your pages. Minimum of three
-  The hidden part of the elements should not be visible at first sight! It needs opening before we can see the hidden inside. 
-  Size of the elements is free
-  Place of the elements on the pages is free
-  Type of the elements is free. The three hidden elements may be of the same type. But you can use 2, 3 or more different elements. Your choice.
-  Think of flaps that can open, elements that can turn, secret elements that you have to pull out of their hiding place. 
-  It is ok if a pulling mechanism is visible. Such as a piece of paper, a fiber or ribbon, a brad used for turning a wheel.
Not to be used: 
- All kinds of ink (including spray ink and misting ink) 
- No paint of any sort  
- No stamps 
- No gesso
- No chalk 
Materials, embellishments:Free

Soooo... here is my take on the challenge, my nieces playing with bubbles!
They absolutely LOVE bubbles, where ever we go, the older one always asks for bubbles. She can play for hours outside blowing and running to make big bubbles. The little one ofcourse, just adores to chase them!!!
Special moments, and even though the photographs are not what I had hoped, I am super glad I documented this day. (Australia 17th December 2013. Miss them too much!)

I used Kaiser craft's Confetti collection for this LO....

Bubble fun!

Thank you for visiting!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament round 3 - for the love of teddies

Hello everyone!

I am back with a new LO, this time for round 3 of the Supreme Scrap Tournament.

This was again a tough one, and we all had to put our thinking caps on, and roll up our sleeves for some serious doodling!

The rules were as follows:

Make a scrapbooking layout with lots and lots of doodling on it.
- One. 
- Format 30,4 x 30,4 cm (12x12 inch)
Minimum 4 photos 
No photo’s with people (foreground or background) or parts of people on them. 
- You will have to add doodling ON 2 of the photos. (exactly 2 no more no less)
- Add a handwriten/doodled title directly on the layout 
- Add a handwritten journal of minimum 20 words directly on the layout. 
- All doodling must be hand doodled!
Not to be used: 
Flowers in any form. So no flowers on your LO. Including your papers and photos and doodling. You can't even doodle flowers on your layout. You can doodle anything else. 
Alphabet stickers, alpha thickers, diecut, punched alpha, handcut alpha, stamped alpha, punched alpha, alphabet using a stencil or any other alphabet embellishment.
Allowed: - Cutting machines and punches are allowed except for alphabets and flowers.

So, here is my take on the challenge.... for the love of teddies...
It took  me a whole week to decide on which photos to choose, and then I had today to execute it.

It definitely came out much differently from what I had imagined, and I seem to make my life difficult by coming up with the hardest ideas to execute. This time it was to make my doodling a resist. This meant that I had to doodle with white on white... which ofcourse meant that I couldn't really see what I was doing. However, when the inks and watercolours were added...the magic happened....
I went over many areas with my fine Whispers markers to accentuate certain areas.

I began the LO by hand sketching my title, and then using some masking fluid to mask it off. I added quite a few layers of shading to the title so that it would pop!

some close ups

and now one or two of the process:

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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