Wednesday, 3 April 2013

You raise me up!!!

You raise me up... up up and away!!!

That is the title to my project, a 3D hot air ballon that I made from the Svgcuts High Skies Kit.
I fell in love with the kit as soon as I saw it, and even though it was one of my first 3D projects, I just had to make it.
I found the perfect opportunity, when I read the challenge that Katerina gave us over at the Scrapgreece blog, for the month of April. 
We were to be inspired by a song, the lyrics to a song, a melody etc and create our LO or project accordingly.
The song I chose was "You raise me up" by Westlife (although they were not the original artists).

So, I took the Svgcuts files, and enlarged them by 180%, so my hot air balloon is a whoping 11.5 inches tall!
I dressed it in pink and turquoise, glitter and bows, and hung the cute faces of my two adorable nieces underneath with a banner that reads "you raise me up".
These photographs were on the door of my fridge, so they are the first faces I see in the morning, and not matter how badly I slept, of how tired I might still feel, just seeing their smiles, raises me up!

Hope you enjoy my project, and hope you come over to Scrapgreece to play with us this month.
The challenge is open to all greeks around the globe!

Thank you for stopping by!

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