Thursday, 1 November 2012

Family Favourite

Yup... you guessed....
Just like any other family, ours is blessed with rivalry about who is yiayia's favourite... (yiayia is the Greek word for Granny)....
With 4 children, 11 grandchildren and now 8 great-grand children... you can understand what went on, when I had the brilliant idea of making our gran a scrapbook with photos of all of us.
Since we are all situated on 3 different continents now, with the majority in South Africa, myself in Greece, my sister in Australia, F in Dubai and N in Canada.... (literally an international family)....
e-mailing is a must... ofcourse now with Facebook we can chat in different ways....
but I am sure glad I kept a copy of the e-mails that were going back and forth in September of 2007. Even now, 5 years later when I read them, I cannot help but smile and laugh at the humour of it all, and remember how close we all are, even if oceans seperate us!
Cheers to the Papastefanou clan! I miss you guys!

So why am I telling you all this, you might ask. Well, because I decided to use those fond memories to make my layout for the November challenge over on the Scrapgreece blog. Katerina challenged us to make a LO using a memory of a moment that makes us smile. Perfect opportunity to scrap the story above.
Her sketch was just right to fit the photos of all the stars in this story.....
And this is my take on the sketch and the challenge.

Family Favourite

based on this super sketch

some close-ups of the details

I used my electronic cutter quite a bit for this LO (it was sitting alone on my desk quite sad from being negleted). All of  the embellishments and bits were cut out (most were found here, and the rest I designed myself.
You can download the files to my designs here. I have them available in svg, dxf, wpc and studio formats.

The background paper which started out white, was clear embossed, misted, misted again with masks, glittered up with gold (for glamour... xi xi xi) and then embossed again with white embossing powder to add more texture.
The e-mails I printed up in a 16-page format and bound it in mini booklet form, using the "smile" speech bubble as the cover.

I truly enjoyed making this LO, and invite you too, to come and play with us this month over on the Scrapgreece blog where we are honoured to have Frekled Fawn as our sponsor for November.

As always, the challenges are open for all Greeks where ever you are on this planet!
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Πεθαίνω για αυτή την σύνθεση!
    Νεκταρία είναι υπέροχη!Φανταστική!
    Μπράβο σου!Φοβερή σελίδα!

  2. Καλά τι υπέροχη σύνθεση!!! Και τόσο όμορφα χρώματα και με πρωτότυπα στοιχεία! Μπράβο Νεκταρίτσα!

  3. Τελεια συνθεση κοριτσακι μου!!!!!
    Ο τροπος που ερμηνευσες το sketch φανταστικος !!!!
    Μπραβοοοοο χιλια μπραβο!!!!!!

    Σε φιλω γλυκα :-)

  4. Απίστευτη Νεκταρία! και πολύ δημιουργικός τρόπος να ξεσκονίσεις το μηχανηματάκι σου! Ευχαριστούμε για τη συμμετοχή!

  5. Υπέροχο layout,το στήσιμο,τα χρώματα όλα και αυτό το χρυσό του δίνει μεγαλείο!!!!!!!!


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