Tuesday 19 August 2014

Blog Hop with a Difference!!

Have you seen this going around?
It’s called a Blog Hop with a Difference, and the reason it’s different is because there’s no end to it!  Let me explain.....

Last week I was  tagged in the Blog Hop with a Difference by Eleni Gratsia.
Eleni has been crafting for years, from needlepoint to paper, always trying out new techniques, dabbling in all aspects of the craft, she truly is, as we call her, our guru!

I have known Eleni since February of 2008, where we met at one of the first scrapbooking classes held here in Athens Greece. I can say that we hit it off immediately, and over these 6 years, besides our common interests in crafting, we have become close friends too.

Today (well, I am actually a day late, but you will find out why further on)....
 I share with you my contribution to the Blog Hop, including the three people I’ve chosen to carry on the banner next week. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’ve been invited to answer the following questions …

1. What am I working on right now? 
I am currently on leave and on vacation, but my laptop is with me. I am working on finishing some digital printable journal kits for my etsy shop. Unfortunately, my internet connection is not one of the best here where I am right now, and one of the reasons I couldn’t post this on time yesterday.... (um.... okay... going to the beach was also a priority that hindered my blogging... xi xi xi).
Here is a sneak peek of what I am working on and what is coming to my etsy store soon....

2. How long does it take to create a project?  
Xi xi xi.... this is a question I really can’t answer...... it can take me a few days to years! LOL.... I am my worst critic, and often work on a project a little at a time (whenever time permits me) until I feel it is ready. Even after it is “done”, I might see something I would like to change and go back to it... I am working hard on changing this aspect of my creative process.... can I hear a “woot woot” from my close friends that know me personally.... ????
A phrase I get to hear far too to often from them is.. “άντε... τελείωνε!!!!” ... which translates to... “come on, finish it!”

3. What are my favourite things I love to create with at the moment? 
Xmmmm.... I like to try new things, always searching the net for what is new, new techniques that are out there...
I have supplies, but when creating a layout, I often end up making all of my own embellishments to go on the project too. I love a layout with layers and depth, textures and visual interest. When I say make my own embellishments, I mean, take white cardstock, cut out various shapes on my pazzles, then colour them to match the project I am working on. This is one of my favourite layouts, where I believe I started with one piece of paper that I used for my background.
So, I guess to answer the question correctly, I would say, ... my favourite things to create with... white cardstock, something to cut it with (pazzles, punches, bigshot) and then various colouring mediums.

4. How does my writing / creating process work? 
My creative process always starts with the photo and how I want to portray it. I then decide on what colours I would like to use... go through my stash of paper, pick out embellishments that I feel I might use on the project. I often “sketch” out the layout on my computer, so I can see the placement of my elements, the size I would like for my photograph, and for my embellishments. Since I mentioned above that I make most of my embellishments, I need to know what size to cut them out etc. I then start playing with putting the layout together. For me, it isn’t only about preserving the memory, it is also the process of creating, and of making something that I would like to look at.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired? 
Surfing the net for what others are creating I think is a major inspiration. My nieces and nephew are also I huge part of me wanting to create. But since they live on the other side of the world, I only have the photos that my sister takes and posts to scrap with.

6. What is my signature style?
I don’t have a signature style...  my layouts go from shabby chic, to mixed media... and I think one you could also categorize as clean & simple. My digital designs are mainly vintage inspired, (I looooooove vintage), but since I like to try out new things as I said before, you don’t look at one of my layouts and think... “that is Nektaria’s”. I wish I did have a style, I envy the scrappers that do, when you look at a piece of art and can immediately recognize the artist. But my interests are just too many. I guess I am a “jack of all trades, but also a master of none”.. LOL.

Okay, I think that is definitely enough about me, time for me to direct you to other scrappers/crafters that I admire!

The first is.... my sister!!! Her blog is shanouki although she is much more active on her facebook page which you can find here. I admire her, because I cannot, for the life of me understand, how, with three small kids aged 5, 4 and 2, with no help at all, she manages to be a full time mother, wife AND still finds time to craft!! She makes gorgeous Button & Bling art and items which she sells in her store over on madeit.

My number two choice, will have to be Katerina. She is actually the first scrapbooker that I met. She came and introduced herself from way over on the other side of the huge conference table we were sitting at, at the first scrapbooking lesson we both attended. She is always, full of life, positive energy, full  of inspiration that breams over onto whoever is next to her at the time. She is also the inspiration for the first kit you see above, Katerina's Nuptules is a set of papers I designed for her wedding in May, and am now turning them into a printable journal  kit! One of the most generous people I know, I feel truly blessed to be able to call her a friend!

Then, this post wouldn’t be complete without my mention of Zeffy, who you can find over on her blog here. She is truly creative individual, who is always on the go with some project or other. A caring individual, who will tell you straight up what she thinks, she will push you if you need pushing, console you if you need a shoulder to cry on. She has stood by me through some rough times, and I thank her from the depths of my heart. An inspiration, a friend, a mother figure... thank you Zeffy!!!


  1. what can I say??? I just came here without knowing this...
    I love you and you know it!!! Keep creating because you do an amazing job!!!
    I love everything that you do!
    Thank you so much for being a part of my life!

  2. It has been lovely to get to know you better. I have been shopping at your store and am inpatient to get started on my project but I have a mini album to complete first!!
    Thank you for letting me into your world...
    Love ~ Lady Anne xxx


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